Pest Control in Braunton

We are a small team of expert pest controllers who are professional, clean and discreet on arrival. We try and stand out from the rest by tailoring or services to suit you best. Every job is different which is why we make sure our treatment plans specific to you. Providing a tailored treatment plan is the reason all our work has such great results! Our reviews on is customer proof for why we are rated so highly.

We aim to make our service as effective and safe as possible for you and the environment. Whether you have a domestic pest problem or if you are a business, big or small, our service will meet your needs.  All technicians are insured, trained and qualified. So you know you are getting a professional service from our team. This is a few things of what we have to offer;

Free Quotes

You can get this over the phone free of charge. Any quotes we cannot do over the phone, we will come to you and do a site survey.

Proofing Advice 

we have great advice on places where rats, mice, squirrels are getting into your home or business. This will help you in the long run so you dont get the same problem occurring again.

NPTA Accredited

We are NPTA certified technicians, so you know you are getting what you pay for.

Discreet Service 

 we have no marked vehicles. We did this because we know that you want to keep this service as discreet as possible.


Our pest control professionals for Braunton in Devon respond quickly and can offer advice, treatment and prevention to many pest problems. If you have any one of these problems then please call 07463396829 to talk to our Braunton team or drop us an email on


Ant Problems

Our pest control team are efficient in getting rid of ants in any situation. Ants can often be a real problem in kitchens and food stores and although garden ants do not carry disease they should be dealt with before they destroy food stocks. Our pest controllers work in a cost effective manner to reduce the ant problems you may have.

Bird Pest Control

All Clear Pest Control can remove birds from your roof, attic space or chimney in an efficient manner. Birds can create a great deal of damage to property such as dislodging bricks and destroying internal materials with their faeces. Birds such as Gulls, Pigeons and many other bird species can have a detrimental affect on health as they carry both mites and fleas. If you suspect birds are nesting or stuck somewhere in your property then you should call us straight away. Another bird pest issue we have regularly here in the west country is birds attacking customers. If you have this problem then please give us a call and we will advise you on the steps to get rid of birds that we can take.

Bed Bug Removal

Bed bugs feed of blood and are generally a very creepy and unhealthy pest to have in your home. Having bed bugs is on the increase due to our travelling habits these days. The signs the you have a bed bug infestation are having bites in the morning and the following;

  • Dark black stains on your mattress and surrounding areas that come from bed bugs faeces.
  • Sweet scent – An unpleasant, sweet, sickly smell.
  • Small dark spots – Small dark blood spots on bedding which are known as ‘faecal pellets’.
  • Live insects – despite being small (adult are only 4-5mm long) it’s possible to spot live bed bugs and their shed skins.

Fly Infestations

Many people suffer with fly problems in their houses and commercial premises, particularly in the summer when they can become a real health risk. Using traditional fly killer is not always appropriate or safe when used in a commercial environment. Our professional pest controllers can remove your fly infestations safely and quickly.

Carpet Moth Treatment

Carpet moths will eat any natural fibres they can find and if they run out they have been known to turn to synthetic materials too! It is actually the caterpillar that eats away at the fabrics and it is these caterpillars and the eggs of the moth that need to be removed. Our moth removal services are clean and non destructive.

Cockroache Control

Cockroaches love wet and warm places which offer a perfect breeding ground. There are just a few species of Cockroaches in the UK but they breed very fast and once they have managed to get into the premises they will scavenge and eat anything they find like fabrics, wallpaper and even leather. You may detect that you have Cockroaches by an intrusive almond smell and by the insect leaving its skin behind and by their egg sacks which look like dark brown seeds or dead worms. Our Braunton pest control team have methods to control and eradicate these nasty little pests.

Flea Infestations in Braunton

Fleas are parasites that feed from blood. Generally you cannot contract a disease from fleas but they can cause a very nasty rash if left untreated. Our Braunton pest controllers can find the source and exterminate the fleas in a clean and safe manner. We can get rid of flea infestations in your carpets and furniture without damage.


Mosquitoes and Midges

Mosquitoes and Midges frequent damp darkish areas and generally bite in the morning or the evening and can leave a very nasty rash. They are very fast breeders and become adults in less than 10 days after hatching from their eggs. All Clear Pest Control will exterminate Mosquito and Midge problems in an instance!

Braunton Woodworm Treatment

The signs of Woodworm being present in your furniture are little tiny holes that pepper the wood and are around 1mm wide. The actual culprit is a beetle that lays its eggs in the wood and the grub that emerges then eats its way out of the wood. Then the cycle continues and you are left with powder! Often Woodworm can be associated with dampness and our treatment team will test and check possible causes on inspection.

Get Rid Of Spiders

Some people suffer from a fear of spiders that can give the sufferer panic attacks. Generally in the UK there is no pest issue with Spiders but we can advise and eradicate spiders where they do cause you a problem, so please get in touch.

Silverfish Bug Infestations

Silverfish generally live in dark damp places such as dark corners in the bathroom, kitchen and store room. Silverfish can be very destructive when left to breed in large numbers and will eat books, plaster and many other household items. If you think you may have a Silverfish infestation then they need to be dealt with before they destroy much more.

Wasp Removal Braunton

Have you found a wasps nest or are having issues with wasps coming into your house. Wasps can sting and bite and there are not many people who like living aside of these scary little things. We can locate and remove wasps nests and will respond very quickly to your call.

Getting Rid Of Mice

Mice can be a real nightmare as when they come they can come in their hoards. To get rid of mice properly and permanently is not just a matter of setting traps, which often just causes more problems. As mice carry disease it is not a good idea to allow this rodent to set up home in your kitchen or restaurant. Give All Clear a call and we will exterminate your mouse concerns.

Rats In The House

Having a rat in your house or garden, shop or store room is very much a health risk and one that could get your business closed very quickly indeed. Rats will gnaw at anything, destroying property and spreading disease and fleas. We have ways to deal with rat problems that will put your mind at ease.

Garden Moles

Moles are lovely little furry animals unless you have them on your land or in your garden. As you may have witnessed they do a lot of damage to golf courses and country parks, which cost a lot to keep repairing.
We know that there is only one way to get rid of a Mole and the All Clear Pest Control team in Braunton know exactly how to do it! Get in touch!