Bed Bug Pest Removal

Got bed bugs in the house? need to get rid of them? All-Clear Pest Control operates across the southwest of England, providing highly effective pest and insect removal when you most need it. Bed bugs are the sort of pest you can’t really see but you know they’re there. These microscopic creatures live on furniture and in areas like the crevices of mattress and can become a big problem.


If you’re woken up itching because something seems to be biting you, the chances are you have a bed bug infestation. Other signs of a problem could be small blood stains around the mattress or little bits of black faecal matter in certain areas of the house. These can be hard to spot and it sometimes takes a trained eye to see all the tell-tale signs. It’s not just in the bed where these bugs hide out. You’ll find them in drawers, hidden in the carpet and underlay, in your wardrobe, even around cracks in the wall. You can get a beg bud problem from just about anywhere. For instance, if you buy second hand furniture you may well find a bug or two without even knowing. Head off on holiday and spend a night in a hotel and  you could end up bringing some unwanted stowaways back on your clothes or in your luggage.


One way to handle the problem is to vacuum and clean your carpets properly, change your bedding and clean or steam the mattresses. If you have pets, you might also want to make sure that you don’t actually have a flea infestation as this can have similar effects. If you’re not sure, this is a good time to get in a professional team who can check everything out for you.


Whether it’s your home or you own a local business like a hotel, there’s sometimes no better option than to call the professionals. At All-Clear Pest Control we operate across the Southwest and we can be on site in next to no time. We use a range of heat treatments and chemicals to reduce your bed bug infestation as well as provide common sense advice on how to stop breakouts reoccurring. Our teams of pest controllers have a deep understanding of the life cycle of pests such as bed bugs and will have all the right tools at their disposal when they visit your home or business. If you have kids or are fed up with waking up scratching and want to do something about the bed bug infestation in your property, simply contact us today to find out more.


Our Service Promise

  • We offer a friendly discreet service using unmarked vehicles around the Southwest
  • We don’t just come in, do our stuff and leave. We’re happy to give advice on how to prevent re-infestations.
  • All of our southwest pest control teams are fully trained and insured in accordance with industry standard practices.